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What Remedy Do You Suggest For Me with Creatinine 272 and GFR 14

2017-09-24 11:28

What Remedy Do You Suggest For Me with Creatinine 272 and GFR 14Visitor 09-22 22:10:55

Hi, I have creatinine level of 272 and GFR of 14. What remedy do you suggest?

kidney-expert 09-22 22:11:07

Your creatinine level is too high, and the GFR shows your are in the stage 5 kidney disease which is also called end stage renal disease. I recommended you to do a treatment to ease the symptoms you are experiencing and recover the kidney function as soon as possible.

kidney-expert 09-22 22:11:11

However, what treatment is suitable for you depends on your illness conditions. May I ask some personal question to understand your illness conditions and give you more information? Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other problem?

Visitor 09-22 22:12:50

Yes, Glucose random 15.3 Fasting 7.

kidney-expert 09-22 22:13:04

Are you taking any treatments now?

Visitor 09-22 22:13:56

Only Januvia and diamicron and take 13 units of Lantos insulin at night.

kidney-expert 09-22 22:14:28

OK. I see. Do you have any symptoms? Like edema, fatigue, protein in urine, blood in urine, etc.

Visitor 09-22 22:14:31

Should I send you my test reports here?

kidney-expert 09-22 22:14:32

If you do not mind, please send it to my e-mail kidney-treatment@hotmail.com, and thus, I will analysis it and give you more right advice about treatments.

Visitor 09-22 22:15:47

OK, I have sent it to you. Would you answer me here?

kidney-expert 09-22 22:16:02

I am sorry I am too busy. And limited by the words here, I will reply you by e-mail later.

Visitor 09-22 22:17:01

When it will be possible to e mail me?

kidney-expert 09-22 22:21:01

Please do not worry, I promise that I will reply you within 24 hour.

Visitor 09-22 22:17:01

OK. I am waiting, please give me the remedy suggestion soon.

09-22 22:21:59 This conversation is ended.

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