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Is There Any Possibility That Kidney Will Recover After Dialysis

2017-09-20 11:24

Is There Any Possibility That Kidney Will Recover After DialysisAmerican Visitor 09-19 19:26:22

Is there any possibility that kidney will recover after dialysis?

kidney-expert 09-19 19:26:35

That depends on patients’ correct illness conditions. How long have you been on dialysis?

American Visitor 09-19 19:27:12

From 3 months. He is continuously on dialysis each alternate days.

kidney-expert 09-19 19:27:35

OK, I see. Do you know what cause your kidney damage?

American Visitor 09-19 19:28:45

He was facing some problem with urine but he ignored and suddenly both kidneys stopped working.

kidney-expert 09-19 19:28:56

How about his urine output now?

American Visitor 09-19 19:29:55

When we come to know about the problem it become very serious and now doctors are saying that he will have to come for dialysis lifetime.

American Visitor 09-19 19:30:25

A little bit.

kidney-expert 09-19 19:30:41

When the kidney is damage badly, the patients need to do dialysis for prolong life. However, if he can recover the kidney function enough, dialysis can be stopped.

American Visitor 09-19 19:30:58

How to recover kidney function? Does he need kidney transplant? The doctor has already recommended to kidney transplant.

kidney-expert 09-19 19:31:10

Well, there are natural treatments such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath and Immunotherapy can help the patients improve the kidney function safely and effectively. Besides, Toxin-Removing Therapy can replace dialysis to help the patients in some points. However, which treatment is suitable for him is based on his illness conditions. Would you send his last medical reports to me? I need to analysis it and give you more right information.

American Visitor 09-19 19:33:09

OK. Thank you very much, doctor.

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