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How Can I Get This Product in Situation of CKD and Creatinine 8.5

2017-09-25 11:00

How Can I Get This Product in Situation of CKD and Creatinine 8.5Bangladesh Visitor 09-23 21:26:08

How can I get this product, I am from Bangladesh.

kidney-expert 09-23 21:26:20

Do you have kidney disease?

Bangladesh Visitor 09-23 21:32:43

Yes, I am CKD patient, and my creatinine is 8.5.

kidney-expert 09-23 21:33:09

So high. You need to get your creatinine level down. Have you been on dialysis?

Bangladesh Visitor 09-23 21:34:15

I want your medicine, please tell me how I get this drug?

kidney-expert 09-23 21:34:34

OK. You need to come to China for the treatment. Can you send your medical reports to me? I need to know more about your illness conditions.

Bangladesh Visitor 09-23 21:37:20

I do not want dialysis, do you have any drug to give me relief.

kidney-expert 09-23 21:37:31

Yes, our characteristic treatment including Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Cycle Therapy, Medicated Bath, Acupuncture and so on can help you ease the discomforts and repair the diseased kidneys naturally and effectively. When the kidney is restored, your creatinine level will drop down and you can live a stead life.

Bangladesh Visitor 09-23 21:40:13

Does it mean I can be cured with your treatment?

kidney-expert 09-23 21:40:55

I am sorry that we can only help you lower the creatinine level naturally and increase your kidney function to some degree. But there is no thing we can do for the necrotic kidney cells and tissues. In another world, it can help you live a relatively normal life but can not completely make your kidney back to normal again.

Bangladesh Visitor 09-23 21:41:53

Can you tell me the formation of the treatment and how it works?

kidney-expert 09-23 21:42:06

The formation is based on your illness condition, this is the reason why I ask for your medical reports. Besides, limited by the words here, can I give you the answer by e-mail?

Bangladesh Visitor 09-23 21:42:42

OK. My e-mail is , please reply me first,

kidney-expert 09-23 21:42:54

Got it. I will contact you within 24 hours.

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