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How Can You Help My Mother with Kidney Problem

2017-09-29 17:10

kidney-expert 08-29 00:13:24

Hi, I'm a true online doctor, not a robot. Feel free to type your question and get free help. No consultation fee!

Guest 08-29 00:29:53

First of all, I would like to say thanks for providing online help for free.

kidney-expert 08-29 00:30:03

You are welcome. Is there anything I can help?

Guest 08-29 00:31:02

Yes, my mother is suffering from kidney problem, and her blood urea level is 125 mg/dl and serum creatinine level is 5 mg/dl.

kidney-expert 08-29 00:31:24

Both the two indexes are very high.

kidney-expert 08-29 00:31:25

Her age ?

Guest 08-29 00:31:37


kidney-expert 08-29 00:31:40

Does she have high blood pressure and diabetes?

Guest 08-29 00:32:14

No. She has normal blood pressure and no diabetes.

kidney-expert 08-29 00:32:20

I see. Does she have dialysis or not?

Guest 08-29 00:33:04

Not still. She has not gone through dialysis.

kidney-expert 08-29 00:33:09

OK. For her case, she need to insist the renal diet and live a healthy life. Besides, a comprehensive treatment should be accept to alleviate the symptoms and recover the kidney function.

Guest 08-29 00:33:45

What treatments do you suggest?

kidney-expert 08-29 00:35:00

Natural treatments including Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Full Bath Therapy, Immunotherapy and so on can take a great effect on treating the kidney problem with high creatinine and blood urea level. If you do not mind, please send your mother’s medical reports to me. And thus, I can give you more proper treatments and others to you. So that, we can help your mother avoid dialysis safely and effectively.

Guest 08-29 00:35:21

OK. Thank you very much.

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