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What is Your Option to Lower My Creatinine 7.2 Aside from Dialysis

2017-09-27 11:44

What is Your Option to Lower My Creatinine 7.2 Aside from DialysisGuest 09-24 06:14:37

I have a big problem with my kidney and I don't want to do dialysis any more.

kidney-expert 09-24 06:15:07

Do you know your creatinine level?

Guest 09-24 06:16:49

Yes, I just had my levels last Thursday, it was a 7.2.

kidney-expert 09-24 06:17:20

Do you know what cause the kidney damage?

Guest 09-24 06:18:44

My doctor said it's a IgA Nephropathy. Let me ask you first is that OK.

Guest 09-24 06:22:12

Is there really something we can do to lower my creatinine or improve my kidney, cause my doctor said there is no more options for this?

Guest 09-24 06:22:40

She wanted me to do dialysis ASAP? But I don't want to do dialysis, is there any remedy doctor?

kidney-expert 09-24 06:23:51

For you case, if you do not have any risk for death, you do not need to take dialysis immediately. Do you have any discomforts now? Like breath difficulty, nausea and vomiting, poor appetite and so on.

Guest 09-24 06:24:49

None of this, only swelling in legs and weakness.

kidney-expert 09-24 06:25:56

For you case, I suggest you to do Chinese medicine. You can try Toxin-Removing Therapy instead of dialysis to lower the creatinine level and ease your discomforts. Besides, Chinese medicine can help you improve kidney function naturally.

Guest 09-24 06:26:37

Can you give me more information about Chinese medicine? What is the formation? What is the cost? How Can I get it?

kidney-expert 09-24 06:26:46

That depends on your current illness conditions. Would you send your medical reports to me. I will analysis and give you the answer by e-mail.

Guest 09-24 06:28:13

Why not here?

kidney-expert 09-24 06:28:45

I am too busy. And here is a word limitation. I will reply you as soon as possible after I receiving your medical reports.

Guest 09-24 06:31:09

OK. Thank you in advance.

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