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How Would My Brother Recover from Stage 5 CKD without Dialysis

2017-10-07 11:31

How Would My Brother Recover from Stage 5 CKD without DialysisKidney Failure Treatment: Hi, how are you?

Visitor: Me fine. My brother suffering from CKD, stage 5. His age 26.

Kidney Failure Treatment: Ok, how long does he have it?

Visitor: 15 days ago doctor detected.

Kidney Failure Treatment: Does he have dialysis?

Visitor: No. kidney shrink then normal size. Doctor give one month medicine.

Kidney Failure Treatment: In that case, his condition is at critical condition.

Visitor: Yes, I know. But what should we do now? Please suggest.

Kidney Failure Treatment: He needs to repair the kidney as soon as possible, otherwise his kidney function can not be reversed or recovered. What medicine did the doctor give him

Visitor: How could it recovered?

Kidney Failure Treatment: He needs to take a sytematical treatment to repair the diseased kidney cells and tissues timely.

Visitor: Ok, sir. But, his only symptoms was vomiting.

Kidney Failure Treatment: Now, in this body, there are several diseased kidney cells and tissues or even dead cells and tissues, what we needs to do is to repair the diseased kidney cellsand tissues as soon as possible, otherwise, the diseased cells will deteriorate into dead cells, at that time, there is nothing we can do with it. Do you have his test report? Can you send it to me?

Visitor: Yes, I have. Sir, is there any alternative way or medicine?

Kidney Failure Treatment: Yes.

Visitor: Ok sir. Can I get your address?

Kidney Failure Treatment: We are in China. Can I have your phone number, sir, the renal doctor will call you and explain the details for you.

Visitor: how could I go there for treatment? Is there any branch in India?

Kidney Failure Treatment: Sorry, sir, It is only applied in China.

Visitor: So how could treatment is possible?

Kidney Failure Treatment: How about this sir, according your brother's condition,the renal doctor will explain the details for you, can I have your whatsApp number.

Visitor: OK.

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