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What Can you Do for My Father with Creatinine 7.3 and Weakness

2017-10-08 11:15

What Can you Do for My Father with Creatinine 7.3 and WeaknessUSA Guest 10-02 00:45:02

My father creatinine 7.3.

kidney-expert 10-02 00:45:11

So high level. Any symptoms now? Like foamy urine, swelling, fatigue, back pain, anemia, itching, etc.

USA Guest 10-02 00:45:19

No sir. Only weakness and not proper food. Please help what your doing.

kidney-expert 10-02 00:45:35

Your father should take a well-planned renal diet. It can help him maintain his illness conditions. And weakness is a common symptoms for kidney disease patients with high creatinine level.

USA Guest 10-02 00:45:59

And Dr advice 3 time dialysis's.

kidney-expert 10-02 00:46:15

How long has your father been on dialysis?

USA Guest 10-02 00:46:34

Six month.

kidney-expert 10-02 00:47:03

OK. How about his urine output.

USA Guest 10-02 00:47:10

It is normal.

kidney-expert 10-02 00:47:33

That is good. For his case, there are changes for him to recover the kidney function and live a normal life with natural treatments. 

USA Guest 10-02 00:48:36

Sir, please one question. Is this stage control this problem and no any condition change the kidney?

kidney-expert 10-02 00:49:05

His high creatinine level is caused by his serious kidney damage. And dialysis is only an artificial replacement for removing certain toxins and extra water from the blood. It is not enough to repair the diseased kidney.

kidney-expert 10-02 00:49:13

I can send you some suggestions about natural treatment and diet plan to help reduce creatinine level and improve kidney function, what is your phone number or email address?

USA Guest 10-02 00:50:49

Why not tell me here?

kidney-expert 10-02 00:49:13

Sorry. It is hard to say clearly in a few words. Due to word limit, I can't send a lot of information here. Do you have email address? I will send the information to you ASAP.

USA Guest 10-02 00:50:10

OK, sir. It is, mob.

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