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Is It Curable for My Father with Kidney Disease and Creatinine 5.4

2017-10-12 16:15

Is It Curable for My Father with Kidney Disease and Creatinine 5.4Visitor 10-08 00:23:35

Hello. Please are you online all the time or you have a specific time one can reach you?

kidney-expert 10-08 00:24:04

On my work time. But you can find a doctor here at all hours. Is there anyone with kidney problem?

Visitor 10-08 00:24:43

My father is a kidney patient, his creatinine is 5.4, is it curable?

kidney-expert 10-08 00:24:53

I am sorry to tell you take that once the kidney is damaged, it is hardly to cure it completely. However, the patients can live a normal life with effective treatments. Now, I need to ask you some personal information. Does he have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other problem?

Visitor 10-08 00:25:17

He has bp only.

kidney-expert 10-08 00:25:38

He should manage it well since it can offer further damage to the kidney and thus increase creatinine level. Please limit the foods with high salt, fat, protein, potassium and phosphorus. If necessary, please do not have salt intakes. Does he have any discomforts?

Visitor 10-08 00:27:03

No. But doctor suggest dialysis and kidney transplant. He does not want to go through them. I am so tensioned about my father.

kidney-expert 10-08 00:27:24

OK. I see. Please do not worry. We use Chinese medicine to help the patients improve the kidney function naturally and availably. And later, he can live a better life without high creatinine level or doing dialysis.

Visitor 10-08 00:27:37

Can you example it in details?

kidney-expert 10-08 00:28:01

What treatment is better to your father depends on his illness conditions. Would you send his medical reports to me? I will analyze it and reply as soon as possible.

Visitor 10-08 00:28:20

OK. I will. Many thanks for whatever information you can provide.

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