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Can This Treatment Help My Step-dad Recover from Kidney Problem

2017-10-14 10:47

Can This Treatment Help My Step-dad Recover from Kidney ProblemUSA Visitor 10-09 15:45:43

My step-dad’s kidneys are working at 14%. He also has anemia and high blood pressure. Can this treatment help?

renal-onlinedoctor 10-09 15:46:12

Does he have any other discomforts? Like foamy urine, blood in urine, weakness and so on.

USA Visitor 10-09 15:47:00

No, only elevated creatinine level, anemia and high blood pressure.

renal-onlinedoctor 10-09 15:47:06

OK, I see. For his case, there are still case for him to recover naturally. The anemia and elevated creatinine level is a because of the damaged kidneys. As for the blood pressure, it can be increased as a complication of kidney problem as well as high blood pressure will injure the blood vessels and thus provide further damage for kidney cells and tissues.

renal-onlinedoctor 10-09 15:47:21

And we adopt Chinese medicine including Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Cupping Therapy, Steaming Therapy and other natural methods to help the patients with low kidney function to relieve the symptoms and repair the diseased kidneys.

USA Visitor 10-09 15:48:09

I just want to know if this treatment helpful and that whether he can return to normal with your treatment.

renal-onlinedoctor 10-09 15:48:16

I am sorry to tell that once the kidney is damaged, there is no way in clinic to completely cure it. That is to say, what we can do for he is to help him improve the kidney function as possible as we could and try our best to help him live a steady and relatively normal life without doing dialysis or kidney transplant.

renal-onlinedoctor 10-09 15:48:28

I recommend your father to take a comprehensive treatment to get well as soon as possible, otherwise, he need to pay more energy, time and cost to resume. If you do not mind, please send his medical reports to me, so that I can analyze his illness conditions and tell you more information by e-mail, phone or other ways.

USA Visitor 10-09 15:50:24

OK. Please reply me ASAP. Thank you in advance.

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