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Other Option Without Dialysis Process for My Sister with Creatinine 6

2017-11-26 10:44

Other Option Without Dialysis Process for My Sister with Creatinine 6Visitor 11-21 17:35:15

Actually, my sister got creatinine level of 6. And we don’t know what to do right now. I need some suggestions.

kidney-expert 11-21 17:35:21

Hello, please do not worry. Your sister’s creatinine at 6 shows she is already at the stage 4 kidney disease. In this case, she must follow a well-planned diet plan strictly. Also, I need to know more personal information about her. Has she been on dialysis?

Visitor 11-21 17:36:29

No, not yet. But we are searching for other option without dialysis process.

kidney-expert 11-21 17:36:31

OK. We can help her avoid dialysis. Do you know what cause her kidney damage?

Visitor 11-21 17:36:49

We don’t know. Her doctor does not tell us.

kidney-expert 11-21 17:36:56

I see. Does she have any discomforts? Like swelling, proteinuria, back pain, etc?

Visitor 11-21 17:37:17

Dark urine and nausea.

kidney-expert 11-21 17:37:22

Got it. The dark urine may be caused by large red blood cells in urine. Do you have urine analysis to confirm it? And the nausea is likely to be induced by deposited toxins and wastes which should be cleared up by her kidneys.

Visitor 11-21 17:37:27

OK. Can you give me the diet list and treatment plan? Can she return to normal or surgery is needed?

kidney-expert 11-21 17:37:30

I’d like to send you more related information and alternative treatment advice to help lower high creatinine level and improve the kidney function so as to avoid dialysis. What is your email or whatsapp for us to send the details?

Visitor 11-21 17:38:11

My contact number: .

kidney-expert 11-21 17:38:22

The patient’s full name, age and country?

Visitor 11-21 17:38:24

Email: @gmail.com. Name: . Age: 26. Country: INDIA.

kidney-expert 11-21 17:39:09

We will contact you within 24h. Have a good day!

Visitor 11-21 17:38:56

Please reply me ASPS. I am very tensed.

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