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Can Somebody Reduce Dialysis From 3x to 2x Per Week

2017-11-28 10:57

Can Somebody Reduce Dialysis From 3x to 2x Per WeekVisitor 11-22 12:02:06

Can somebody reduce dialysis from 3 x to 2 x per week?

kidney-expert 11-22 12:02:16

It depends on the patient’s illness condition. Are you the kidney patient?

Visitor 11-22 12:03:35

My friend has kidney problem and now not motivated to do dialysis.

kidney-expert 11-22 12:03:42

I see. Please do not stop the dialysis only by his willing. Provided his kidney is not recovered, the toxins will be gathered in the body again. Any symptoms now? like foamy urine, swelling, fatigue, back pain, anemia, itching, etc?

Visitor 11-22 12:04:15

No symptoms. he is looking fine.

kidney-expert 11-22 12:04:25

Does he ever have diabetic, hypertension, infection or other disease?

Visitor 11-22 12:05:38

No. He has been diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome.

kidney-expert 11-22 12:06:50

Nephrotic syndrome is a chronic kidney disease in which the patients will go through many illnesses. How long has he been on dialysis? And do you know what is his kidney function now? How about his urine output?

Visitor 11-22 12:06:43

About one year. He goes to bathroom about twice a day.

kidney-expert 11-22 12:06:54

I have know his case. There are changes for him to recover kidney function naturally and thus reduce the frequencies of dialysis. And we use Chinese medicines to help the patients avoid dialysis from root causes. I’d like to send you more related information and alternative treatment advice to help, what is your email or whatsapp for us to send the details?

Visitor 11-22 12:06:59


kidney-expert 11-22 12:07:11

What is the patient’s name, age and country?

Visitor 11-22 12:07:26

56 yrs, Malaysia

kidney-expert 11-22 12:07:30

We will contact you within 24h. Have a good day!

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