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With Antibiotics Can My Urea 224 and Creatinine 4.74 Be Recovered

2017-11-30 14:06

Visitor 11-21 15:01:58

My urea is 224 and creatinine is 4.74. and I am suffering from UTI and pnemonia infection. Do you think that with antibiotics it will be recovered or I have to go dialysis?

kidney-expert 11-21 15:02:23

Your creatinine level is too high, but it is not serious enough to go though a dialysis. For you case, you can lower the creatinine level with the help of natural treatments instead of dialysis. If your high creatinine level is caused by infection, simply by antibiotics, it can be cut down in some points. But you still need to recover kidney function as soon as possible. Do you have any symptoms.,like back pain ,swelling ,protein or blood in urine?

Visitor 11-21 15:03:20

Protein in urine, no blood however infection is there.

kidney-expert 11-21 15:03:29

I see. You need continue to adopt antibiotic treatments to cure the infection. Otherwise, you kidney will failed fast. How many years of this disease?

Visitor 11-21 15:04:03

This infections comes from last three week. However I am CKD and RA patient.

kidney-expert 11-21 15:04:18

I have known this case. Please do not worry. We can help you drop down creatinine level with effects. Each of our characteristic treatments including Hot Compress Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Steaming Therapy, Moxibustion, Immunotherapy and so on can take an remarkable action of treating you. And the combined therapies can help you recover kidney function and dispel the discomforts better on basis of your correct illness conditions.

Visitor 11-21 15:04:36

Then guide me.

kidney-expert 11-21 15:04:54

We can not make it clear in a few world. How about this, send your medical reports and contact information to me. I will send the details to you as soon as possible.

Visitor 11-21 15:05:13

E-mail: @gmail.com. Please tell me how can I lower these numbers.

kidney-expert 11-21 15:06:11

Ok. I will communicate with your in 24h. Have a good day.

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