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31 Years Old Female, Treatment for FSGS, Immune Suppressants

2013-12-14 10:05

31 Years Old Female, Treatment for FSGS, Immune SuppressantsPatient: I’m 31 years old female. Currently struggling with FSGS and hoping to get some information on some therapies that may work. I have had this for 7 years so far and was on immune suppressants for a while. The side effects weren’t good for me. That is why I want to find some new treatment methods.

Doctor: FSGS is a kidney problem that involves glomeruli that can help to filter blood. It is the most commonly seen cause for Nephrotic Syndrome and if not treated well will progress to kidney failure directly. Therefore, a tight control of this illness is very important.

You said you were on immune suppressants for a while and may I know the name of the medicines? In some cases of FSGS, kidney damages on glomeruli are caused by abnormal immune response which can help to remove harmful substances in kidney, but meanwhile cause damages on surrounding kidney tissues. Immune suppressants show great effects in controlling immune response, so with these medicines, your illness can be controlled to some extent. However, just as you have mentioned, long-term usage of these medicines will cause many side effects that are not good for us. What’s worse, these medicines can not solve problem from root. Usually, when patients stop taking these drugs or when they reduce the dose, their illness will relapse.

As for the alternative treatment for FSGS, I suggest you to try Immunotherapy which combines Chinese medicine and western medicine. In this treatment, western medicines used are selected carefully and usually when patients’ illness condition gets stable, Chinese medicines will be applied to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and strengthen their self-curative ability.

Immunotherapy is not the only treatment for FSGS, but it is the better one. If you are interested in this treatment or want to know more about treatments for FSGS, please leave message to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. Our nephrologists will reply you with necessary information within 48 hours.

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