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What to Do to Reduce Swelling in Kidney Failure

2013-12-18 09:31

Patient: My husband has kidney failure and edema. Can you tell me what can he use to reduce the swelling?

What to Do to Reduce Swelling in Kidney FailureDoctor: Diuretics can be used to reduce swelling caused by kidney failure. Swelling or edema is the condition that large amounts of fluid build up in the body for some reason. Kidney failure is a common cause for swelling, as kidney is taking charge of regulating balance of fluid in the body. When kidney is affected and fail to work well, fluid we drink in the day time will not be able to discharge out of the body. As a result, fluid retention appears. Diuretic is a group of medicine that can help the body to exclude excess fluid in the body. Besides, although diuretics are always used to treat swelling caused by kidney failure, due to its function of excluding fluid in the body, it shows effects in lowering blood pressure. Therefore, for kidney failure patients who want to reduce swelling, diuretics are recommended if they also suffer from elevated blood pressure.

In medicine, there are different types of diuretics and kidney failure patients need to choose the right one, so as to avoid causing unnecessary health tissues. In general, kidney failure patients need to put their potassium level into account while choosing what kind of diuretics to use. Most of the diuretics have function to lowering potassium, so for patients whose potassium level in blood is lower than the reference value 3.6-5.2mmol/L, they can choose potassium-sparing diuretics which can help to reduce swelling and meanwhile preserve potassium in the body.

Lastly, to receive obvious treatment effects in reducing swelling in kidney failure, a tight control of fluid is also very necessary. How much fluid a kidney failure patient can drink depends on the specific illness condition. For your husband, we know little about his illness, so if you want to know how much fluid is allowed by him, please send his test report to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. We will help you figure out and reply you as soon as possible.

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