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Wheat Grass and Kidney Failure Patients

2013-12-18 16:11

Wheat Grass and Kidney Failure PatientsPatients: my husband has end stage renal failure with an eGFR of 13%, is wheat grass OK for him?

Doctor: I know the condition of your husband, and he is in end stage renal failure with the GFR less than 13%. This condition is very serious, and it’s better for him to have some effective treatment which can slow down the kidney failure. If he loses the residual kidney function, he may need to live on dialysis all his life, and the prognosis will be bad. Now, what he should do is to protect his residual kidney function, and have effective treatment to repair his damaged kidney tissues and improve the self-healing ability of kidney function, which will make him better.

In your question, you mentioned wheat grass, and I have heard it from some other doctors and get some informations from the websites. I get that wheat grass is a natural and magical plant which has many benefits for people.

Here, I will tell you some benefits of wheat grass, and I hope it will help you and your husband.

1. Wheat grass contains some high quality fibers, which can help improve the digestion and poor appetite.

2. There are hundreds of nutrition and elements in wheat grass, which is good for the supplement of nutrients in kidney patients.

3. It also can relieve the symptom of anemia, as the body can convert chlorophyll in wheat grass to hemoglobin.

4. Wheat grass can rebuild blood stream and increase the red blood cells count, which can remit kidney ischemia and anoxia in kidneys.

5. It also can alleviate dry and itchy skin, which can clean the skin and reduce skin infections.

Besides, there are also some other benefits for kidney failure patients, but wheat grass can only be taken as health care products, which cannot remedy the kidney function. therefore, it’s difficult to say whether your husband is OK to take it. It all depends on his illness condition. If he has the symptom of high potassium level, he should avoid wheat grass, because it is high in potassium.

On the other hand, your husband should have prompt and effective treatment, as his condition is so serious. Early and effective treatment will make him far away with dialysis and kidney transplant. If you want to get the detailed treatment, you can send his test report to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. I am glad to help him.

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