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The Second Opinion for Kidney Disease Patients with 25% Kidney Function

2013-12-19 11:09

The Second Opinion for Kidney Disease Patients with 25% Kidney Function Question: My sister wae recently diagnosed with 25% kidney function, but her doctor told her there is nothing he wants her do. I baffle whether she should go for a second opinion.

Answer: 25% kidney function means that the kidneys have been damaged very severely. As we know, kidney is one of the important organs in our body, and it plays an important role in keeping the body functioning well. Kidneys can filter blood and leak out the bad substances in our body, which can keep the internal environment clean enough. Once the kidney is damaged, it will fail to work well, and the toxins and wastes in body will cause the people weakness. For people who have only 25% kidney function, they may suffer from some serious symptoms or complication, which will affect their life quality.

In this condition, they need to have effective and prompt treatment, which can remit their symptoms and protect their residual kidney function. Why the doctor said that there is nothing he wants her do? Because there is no treatment that can slow down the kidney failure. In the eyes of western doctors, what can a 25% kidney disease patients do is to waiting for dialysis or a kidney transplant, they cannot prevent the progression of kidney failure.

The general treatment in western country is to take some medicines which can control their symptoms, but there is no methods to slow down the kidney failure. And when kidney patients develop into end stage kidney failure, they need to have dialysis or have a kidney transplant. Once people start dialysis, they need to live on dialysis until the end of their lives. So some western doctors may say they have nothing to do with 25% kidney function patients.

However, there is also a secondary opinion for these patients, that is Chinese treatment. Some Chinese herbs can help remit the symptoms and complications, and they can also repair the kidney tissues and improve the kidney function. For patients who have 25% kidney function, they are recommended to try Chinese treatment, because it will slow down their kidney failure, and make them far away from dialysis. If you want to get more information about Chinese treatment, you can send e-mail to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com.

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