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What Can Eat and What Cant Eat for Kidney Failure Patients with 48% Kidney Function

2013-12-20 10:01

What Can Eat and What Cant Eat for Kidney Failure Patients with 48% Kidney FunctionQuestion: I am going through kidney failure and I have only 48% combined, I need to know what I can or cant eat

Answer: Kidney failure is a common kidney disease with the gradually reduced kidney function. When the kidney function is severely reduced, patients will suffer from some obvious symptoms or complications, which will affect their life quality seriously. In order to reduce the kidney burden and protect the residual kidney function, patients need to have effective treatment to control their illness and remedy their kidney damage. Besides, they should also pay attention to their daily diet, which may also affect their kidney function. If they don’t follow a strict diet, it may increase the progression of kidney failure. So patients with kidney failure should pay attention to what can eat and what cant eat.

For kidney failure patients, who have only 48% kidney function, their kidneys have been damaged seriously, they should pay more attention to their daily diet. If they don’t have effective treatment, they will develop into end stage kidney failure quickly. Here, we will recommend the foods that what can eat and what cant eat for kidney failure patients with 48% kidney function.

We often recommend patients to take more vegetables and fruits in their daily diet, as there are many nutrients in fresh vegetables and fruits. They are low-protein, high-vitamin and high-fiber. However, not all the fruits and vegetables are suitable for kidney failure patients. Some kidney failure patients may have the symptom of high potassium level, so they cant eat more high potassium. Because high potassium level is harmful for patients, it will cause some serious symptoms such as heart failure or even death, so patients should avoid eat some high-potassium vegetables and fruits.

The common high potassium fruits and vegetables contain tomato, potato, beets, spinach, avocados, banana, orange, kiwi, prunes and dried fruits. Patients with high potassium level should firmly avoid these foods. Before patients take some fruits, they can firstly get the elements in these foods, then they can know if they can eat or cant eat.

Besides, patients who have high phosphorus level should also avoid these high phosphorus foods such as chocolate, nuts, carbonated drinks and dairies like milk, soy cheese,soy yogurt and hard cheese. Because high phosphorus level is harmful for the bones and it may cause osteoporosis and bone fracture.

In addition, some other foods like fast foods, canned foods and highly processed foods are also bad for kidney failure patients, which may damage the kidney function. So for kidney failure patients with only 48% kidney function should firmly follow a strict diet, which will helpful for the kidney disease.

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