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Can I use diet to maintain my kidney function?

2013-12-21 10:00

Can I use diet to maintain my kidney function?Patient: dear, doctor. I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease, and I have high blood pressure and diabetes. Then, can I use diet to maintain my kidney function?

Doctor: Hi, friend. From your description, I get your illness condition. You are in stage 4 kidney disease, which means your kidney function is severely reduced. And you have high blood pressure and diabetes, and they the two main leading cause of kidney disease. I think may be one of the two diseases cause your kidney disease, or they both cause your kidney damage. In order to reduce the further damage of your kidneys, you should have treatment to control your high blood pressure and your high blood sugar.

You asked if diet can maintain your kidney function. As we know, all the kidney disease patients should keep a kidney-friendly diet, which will reduce the kidney burden and protect the residual kidney function. Keeping a kidney-friendly diet will also help remit the symptoms such as swelling, protein urine and high blood pressure.

Patients should keep a kidney-friendly diet which contain:

Low-protein diet

Low-salt diet

Low-fluid diet

Vitamin and elements supplement

However, for stage 4 kidney disease patients, their kidney function has been severely damaged, only keeping a diet cannot prevent the development of kidney failure. So, besides diet, they should also have some medical treatments on their kidney disease.

The medical treatments should focus on both controlling the symptoms and complications, and improving the kidney function. In western countries, the doctors often recommend some western medicines to kidney disease patients, which can control their symptoms, but it cant prevent the further kidney damage. When patients get into end stage kidney failure, they need to live on dialysis or witing for a kidney transplant.

However, in China, we recommend Chinese medicines to remedy kidney disease. Some Chinese medicines have the function of repairing the kidney damage and improving the kidney function. All these will be helpful for kidney disease patients. For stage 4 kidney disease patients, if they try Chinese medicine treatment, their severely reduced kidney function will be improved, and it will slow down the progression of kidney failure, and make them far away from kidney failure.
so, for stage 4 kidney disease patients, they should have both diet and medical treatment on their kidney failure, which will really maintain their kidney function.

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