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Suggestions for Kidney Disease Patient with Creatinine 15.67

2013-12-23 09:51

Suggestions for Kidney Disease Patient with Creatinine 15.67Patient: hello, doctor. My sister got kidney disease, and her creatinine level is 15.67 mg/dl. She was taking ketosteril, and her doctor advices her to increase her intake of this medicine from 2 pills every meal to 3 pills. I want to know whether ketosteril is helpful for her illness, and what should she do for her condition?

Doctor: hi, I get your question and I know the condition of your sister, and I am sorry to hear that. For your sister, her creatinine level is 15.67mg/dl, it is serious, which means her kidney function is more less than 50%. We often recommend the patients whose creatinine level is more than 5mg/dl to have dialysis, the creatinine level of your sister is more than 5, but she only take ketosteril to remedy her kidney disease. Her kidney function will gradually reduced with out systemic treatments.

As we know, ketosteril is western medicine, and it has the function of lowering high creatinine level. In order to control the high creatinine level, doctor will advice patients to increase the dosage. But western medicine often have some side-effects, and a short-term curative effects. Once patients stop taking this medicine, the creatinine level will get higher. And the western medicine can only control the symptoms, it cant repair the kidney damage.

Therefore, for your sister, her creatinine level is so high, and she may suffer from some bad symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and vomiting because of the wastes and toxins build up in blood and cant filter out by the damaged kidney function. In her condition, she need to have systemic treatments. We recommend her to use systemic blood purification which can filter the wastes and toxins in blood, then the creatinine level will be reduced. On the other hand, we also recommend patients to take some Chinee medicines to improve the immune system, and repair the damaged kidney tissues, which will improve the kidney function. Only the kidney function is improved, the creatinine level can be reduced fundamentally.

In a word, for your sister, she should have effective treatments to lower her creatinine level and improve her kidney function right now. Because only depending on ketosteril, her kidney function cannot stop reducing, and she will finally get into end stage kidney failure. If you want to get the detailed treatment, you can send her recently test report to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com.

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