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How to Improve the 7 Years Child with Left Kidney 7% Working

2013-12-29 16:49

How to Improve the 7 Years Child with Left Kidney 7% WorkingQuestion: Dear doctor, I need your help. My 7 years old child have got kidney disease which is mainly caused by obstruction and later UTI, and his left kidney has only 7% working. Now he has large amount of proteinuria and the doctor ask him to take antibiotics to control his illness. Can you give me some useful suggestions to improve my son’s illness condition?

Doctor: Hi, I am sorry to hear that you little son have got kidney disease, and his left kidney has only 7% kidney function, which means his one kidney has already fail to work completely. As we know, we all have two kidneys which can help regulate the whole balance of the body, once one kidney is failed, the other will do a job for two kidneys. With one kidney to work, it will also gradually get damaged because of the overloaded work. So we should have effective treatments to protect the residual kidney function and improve the damaged kidney function.

You said the main causes of the kidney damage is obstruction and later UTI, so we should control the obstruction and UTI, which will help prevent the further damage of the kidneys. Your son use antibiotics for his disease, which can effective control the infections and inflammations. However, western medicines have the function of amazing controlling the infections or symptoms, but once you stop using it, the symptoms or infections will also come back. Besides, western medicine will cause some side-effects for people.

For your son’s condition, I recommend him to try Chinese medicines which has no side effects on patients. Some Chinese medicines have the function of remitting the symptoms, preventing the infections and improving the immune systems, which will help your son prevent the further kidney damage. Besides, Chinese therapies can also repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve the kidney function, which will help your son get rid od dialysis and kidney transplant.

In addition, he should also keep a kidney-friendly diet and have a healthy lifestyle, you parents should pay attention to what he can eat and what cant eat. If you want to get a detailed diet plan or treatments, you can send his test reports to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. I will reply to you as soon as possible if you send e-mail to me.

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