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Can I Eat Oats with Kidney Disease

2014-01-02 03:53

Can I Eat Oats with Kidney DiseasePatient: I was diagnosed with kidney disease, and the doctor asked me to pay attention to my illness. I want to know, can I eat oats with my kidney disease?

Doctor: Oats is a common food for people, and people often put oats into their porridge which will make the food tastes more delicious. Besides, oats are also high in nutrition, such as rich fat, rich fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other mineral substance. All these nutrients will be helpful for patients illness. There are some common benefits for kidney disease patients eating oats.

1. Oats are rich in fiber which can reduce the high cholesterol level in body, and oats will be helpful in preventing the cardiovascular disease.

2. For diabetic nephropathy patients, oats can also help reduce the high blood sugar, which will help prevent the deterioration of kidney failure.

3. Oats can improve the blood circulation, and ease the pressure in patients. Besides, the improved blood circulation will help repair the kidney damage and improve the kidney function.

4. The calcium, iron, zinc and other mineral elements will help prevent the osteoporosis and anemia, which are the common complications for kidney disease patients.

5. Oats can also help enhance the immunity and make patients get rid of infections.

Above are some common benefits for kidney disease patients, so they can eat oats in their daily diet. However, as the illness condition is different from case to case, they should ask the advice of their doctors about whether they can eat oats or not, and the proper amount of oats for them. If you want to get the detailed information, you can send your test reports to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com.

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