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Kidney Failure: How to Stop Dialysis and Improve Kidney Function

2014-01-03 07:42

Kidney Failure: How to Stop Dialysis and Improve Kidney FunctionPatient: My husband has a kidney failure due to high sugar and high blood pressure, and his creatinine level is too high, so he starts dialysis. Before his dialysis is 9 and comes back to 1.5 after dialysis. He is undergoing dialysis twice a week and I want to know if there is any way by which the kidney function can be increased and dialysis to be stopped.

Doctor: From your description, I get the illness condition of your husband. As we know, both high blood sugar and high blood pressure are two common leading causes for kidney failure patients. The long-term uncontrolled high blood sugar and high blood pressure will cause kidney damage, so people should pay attention to the two common diseases. Your husband has high blood pressure and high blood sugar, in order to prevent the further damage of his kidneys, he need to firmly control his blood sugar and blood pressure with medical treatment and dietary therapy.

The creatinine level before dialysis is 9 mg/dl, which means the kidney function is reduced severely for your husband. Dialysis can help remove the creatinine and some other toxins in blood, which will help patients to relieve some serious symptoms which caused by the building up of toxins in blood. However, dialysis can help people clear the blood, but patients need to live depending on dialysis. Once patients stop dialysis, the creatinine level will be get higher, and dialysis cant prevent the end stage kidney failure. So we often recommend dialysis patients to have some alternative treatment which can help improve the kidney function.

Chinese therapies can help kidney failure patients to stop their dialysis. There are systemic treatment for kidney failure patients, which will help repair the damaged kidney tissues and protect the residual kidney function. And after the systemic treatment, patients will finally improve their kidney function and get rid of dialysis. The common Chinese therapies contain Chinese medicines, acupuncture, plasmapheresis, hot compress therapy and so on.

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