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Prognosis and Improvements for Patients with 28% kidney function

2014-01-07 06:22

Prognosis and Improvements for Patients with 28% kidney functionQuestion: My mom was diagnosed with kidney disease, and she has only 28% kidney function now. Can you tell me the prognosis and improvements for her illness.

Answer: As we know, when people get kidney disease, their kidney function will be reduced gradually. For your mother, her kidney function has been reduced into 28%, which means her kidneys has been damaged severely, and her kidney disease is already in stage 4.

If your mother don’t have effective treatments for her kidney disease, she may quickly get into end stage, and the prognosis will be poor. So effective treatments will be important for a kidney disease patients.

Besides, they should also control their symptoms and complications, which will affect the progression of kidney failure. High blood pressure and proteinuria are the two common symptoms for kidney disease patients, so they should firmly control these symptoms, which will make a good prognosis for them. In addition, a kidney-friendly diet, healthy lifestyle, correct medical treatments are also important for kidney disease patients to prolong their life expectancy.

For kidney patients who have less than 15% kidney function, they are often recommended to have dialysis to continue their life. And the dialysis cant prevent the decline of the kidney function, when the kidney function fail to work completely, they will live depend on their lives all their life long. Therefore, for your mother’s condition, she has 28% kidney function, she can have prompt and effective treatments to improve her kidney function and get rid of dialysis.

I recommend your mom to try Chinese medicines which can remedy her kidney disease fundamentally. Some Chinese medicines have the function of repairing the kidney damage and improve the kidney function. Besides, Chinese therapy can also control the symptoms and complications, so after the systemic treatment, the kidney function will be improved and patients will have a good prognosis.

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