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Is Chinese Herbs Safe for End Stage Kidney Patients

2014-01-11 02:55

Is Chinese Herbs Safe for End Stage Kidney PatientsPatient: Hi, doctor. I am a kidney disease patients and I am on dialysis, and I want to find something to repair my kidney damage. So I want to know that is Chinese herbs safe for end stage kidney patients?

Doctor: Hi, I am glad to help you. For your answer, I know, you are in end stage kidney disease, and you are on dialysis now. So I need to ask you two questions, one is do you still have urination? And the second is if you don’t have urine, then how long you have no urine? This two questions are important for our treatment.

If you still have urine or you have no urine for less than 6 months, we can tell you that you can use Chinese herbs to remedy your kidney damage. Because you have urination, it means that your kidneys are not damaged completely. In your condition, there are three parts of kidney tissues in your kidneys. On is the healthy kidney tissues, which can still work normal, so you need to have treatment to protect them. The second is damaged kidney tissues, you can have treatment to repair the damaged kidney tissues. The third part is the dead kidney tissues, you have no treatment to cure them. So for end stage kidney disease patients, you need to protect your residual kidney function, and repair the damaged kidney tissues, then your kidney function will be improved.

As we know, in western countries, the doctors often ask the kidney disease patients to take western medicines, which have amazing effects on controlling the symptoms, but western medicine cant repair the kidney damage and kidney disease patients will finally suffer from end stage kidney disease. For end stage kidney disease patients, they need to live on dialysis or wait a kidney transplant.

However, in China, for kidney disease patients who still have urine, we often recommend them to use Chinese herbs to repair the kidney damage, which can help improve the kidney function and control the symptoms fundamentally. Through Chinese herbs can help patients to repair their kidney damage, but some herbs may be toxic to kidneys and harmful for the treatment of the kidney disease. So we choose the safest herbs which are beneficial in the treatment of kidney disease. Besides, we also use hot compress therapy which through using the external Chinese herbs, and this therapy has no side-effects to all the kidney disease patients. If you are interested in Chinese herbs for end stage kidney disease treatment, you can contact with our online experts. They will apply you as soon as possible.

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