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How can I Know If the Kidney Cyst is Ruptured

2014-01-25 03:54

How can I Know If the Kidney Cyst is RupturedQuestion: I have kidney cysts in my kidneys, and the biggest one is 7 cm on right. Now I feel pain and pressure in the area of the cysts, should I go to the hospital to have it checked? And how can I know if the kidney cyst is ruptured?

Answer: From your description, I get your illness condition. Kidney cysts is also common for some people when they get into an old age, and the simple kidney cysts will not cause some serious symptoms if they don’t get large. But for the large kidney cysts, patients need to pay attention to prevent the cysts rupture.

You said that you feel pain and pressure in the area of the cysts, this may be caused by the enlargement of kidney cysts, besides, the cysts rupture may also cause painfulness for people. Except pain, you can also have blood urine, which means your urine color will be redness or tea color. From this aspect you can diagnose whether your kidney cyst is ruptured.

In order to make a right diagnosis, you need to go to hospital to have specific tests, such as CT scan and ultrasound test, which can tell you the detailed condition of your kidney cysts. You need to have prompt and effective treatment to treat your kidney cysts, because it may cause severe affects to your health.

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