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Is There Any Chance for My Kidneys to Function Well Again

2014-01-28 06:55

Is There Any Chance for My Kidneys to Function Well Again Patient: I have kidney disease, and I am on dialysis now. After dialysis, my high BUN level came from 238 to 48, and my creatinine level came from 11.4 to 3.6. Can you tell me whether there is any chance for my kidneys to function well again?

Doctor: From your description, I get your illness condition. You have been on dialysis, which means your kidney function cant do a good job, and your blood BUN and creatinine levels are much higher than the normal levels before dialysis. In this condition, you have been in stage 5 kidney failure, and most parts of your kidneys have been damaged severely.

In this condition, your kidney function cant be got well again, because there are three parts of kidney tissues in your kidneys. One is healthy kidney tissues, which you should protect them with effective treatment. The second part is damaged kidney tissues, which can be repaired. And the third part of kidney tissues have been dead, we can do nothing with them. As you are in stage 5 kidney failure, the most parts of your kidney tissues have been damaged or dead, what you can do is to repair the damaged parts. Then your kidney function can be improved.

Although dialysis can help you lower our high BUN and creatinine levels, but dialysis cant help your prevent the completely damage of your kidneys, so you should choose some other treatments which can help remedy your kidney tissues and improve your kidney function.

We recommend you to use Chinese medicines which can help you improve your kidney function and relieve your symptoms fundamentally. If you want to get the detailed treatment, you can contact with our online doctor.

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