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Creatinine 9.9, Urea 156, Can I Avoid Dialysis

2014-02-01 07:09

Creatinine 9.9, Urea 156, Can I Avoid DialysisPatient: I am a 51 years old kidney failure patient with creatinine 9.9 and urea 156. I am a female and have no Diabetes and Hypertension. Can I avoid dialysis?

Doctor: Creatinine 9.9 and urea 156 is several times higher than the reference value and it means there are lots of toxins in the blood. Under such a condition, we need to take some blood purification method to clear wastes away from blood, so as to protect internal organs from being affected. Dialysis is a direct and effective way to clean blood, but it is not the only one. Apart from it, there are many other ways that can help to purify blood such as plasma exchange, immune absorption, hemofiltration and hemoperfusion and so on.

Your kidneys have been damaged seriously and now there are healthy, damaged and necrotic kidney intrinsic cells in your body. For these necrotic kidney intrinsic cells, they are dead and have lost all their working ability. So far there is no such a medicine that can help to revive dead cells, so these necrotic kidney intrinsic cells can not be brought back to life. However, for these damaged kidney intrinsic cells, they are injured, but they are still alive. By activating them and increasing their self-curative ability, it is possible to help them to work again. Therefore, although you are in end stage of kidney failure, there is chance for you to get your kidney function improved. Dialysis is usually needed when GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) is lower than 15, so as long as your GFR is improved to 15, it is possible for you to avoid dialysis.

Lastly, I’d like to ask do you still have urine output? Kidney is responsible for filtering blood. Urine output means there are still healthy kidney function, and under such a condition, effective ingredients in medicine can reach to kidney through bloodstream. However, if there is no urine output, it means no blood can be filtered effectively and in that case, medicine can not reach kidney at all. Therefore, if you have no urine output over a half of year, I am afraid you need to reply on dialysis to keep being alive before you find a matched kidney.

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