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Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Have Kidney Transplant

2014-02-10 07:27

Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Have Kidney TransplantQuestion: I am a diabetic nephropathy patient, and I am already in stage 4 kidney failure, then can I have a kidney transplant in my condition? I hope you can give me some suggestions.

Doctor: I get your description form our message, and I hope my suggestions can help you. You said you are in stage 4 kidney failure and you have diabetic nephropathy, which means you are in a serious illness condition and your kidneys have been damaged severely. In this condition, the doctor may ask patients to have dialysis or prepare for a kidney transplant, which can help prolong the life expectancy. However, for your condition, wo don’t recommend you to have a kidney transplant, the reasons are as follows:

1. Every surgeon won’t suggest diabetes patients do any operation, because for diabetes patients, their wound is not easy yo recover and it can easily get infections. So patients should avoid any wounds in their daily life.

2. As for diabetic nephropathy patients, their clotting mechanism get abnormal, and it is easy to cause massive haemorrhage, which are very dangerous for patients.

3. There are also some risk factors that can caused during the kidney transplant, such as heart failure. This will be life-threatening for patients.

4. As you are in stage 4 kidney failure, there are also some chances to get improved without kidney transplant, so you can avoid kidney transplant.

You can try traditional Chinese medicine, which can help lower your high blood sugar and repair your damaged kidney tissues. Besides, it can also help improve your kidney function, which will make you get tid of dialysis and kidney transplant forever. So you still have any chances to get well with your illness condition.

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