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Life Expectancy for Patients with 18% Kidney Function

2014-02-12 05:46

Life Expectancy for Patients with 18% Kidney FunctionQuestions: I am a kidney failure patients and I have some serious symptoms which trouble me a lot. Now I have only 18% kidney function, and the doctor has been asked me to prepare for dialysis, but I don’t want to start dialysis. Ans I want to know the life expectancy for patients with 18% kidney function, and whether you can give me some natural treatment on my condition.

Answer: As we know, kidney failure can be divided into 5 stages, and your 18% kidney function means you are in stage 4 kidney failure, which means your kidneys has been damaged severely. In this stage, you may suffer from some serious symptoms and complications because of your severely reduced kidney function, and you may suffer from a poor life quality, and these symptoms and complications will affect your life expectancy, so you need to pay attention to your symptoms and prevent the possible complications such as heart problems, lung problems and so on.

In your condition, if you still have urine, and you don’t have some serious symptoms such as severe swelling, nausea, vomiting and skin itching, you can prevent dialysis and have some other natural treatments to prolong your life expectancy.

We recommend you to use Chinese Herbal Medicines, which can help you repair your damaged kidney tissues and protect your residual kidney function, through systemic treatment, your kidney function can be improved. And your symptoms can also be relieved, all these will help you improve your life expectancy. If you receive Chinese herbal medicine treatments, the progression of your kidney failure will be slowed down, and your life expectancy will be get linger.

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