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What are Notices of FSGS Patients

2017-04-08 16:21

What are Notices of FSGS PatientsTwo days ago, a FSGS patients asked me what she should to to control the illness.

FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulus Sclerosis) is a kind of glomeruli disease. It means the glomeruli of the kidney has been damaged. As a result, the renal function which is to filter the blood, remove the unwanted things from body, adjust the blood pressure and so on will become lower and lower. Then, what need they pay attentions to?

First at all, they ought to live a good living-habit including well-planed diet, enough water intake, moderate exercise, go to bed early, no smoke, no drink and others.

Here I will list some food what the patients should be careful to have.

High phosphorus food. Mushrooms, animal livers, seafood, etc.

High potassium food. Bananas, pears, oranges and others.

High sodium food. Hams, smoked produces, pickles and other eating.

There are also other food you need to avoid, and whether you can eat the food or not is related to your illness conditions. Hence, you can contact the Online Doctor for a detailed information about the diet freely.

Also, they would better to protect themselves from a infection and a cold, because they are the two leading causes of kidney failure.

In the meanwhile, the FSGS patients can search for an available treatment to get well.

In China, the patients can be treated with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Bath Foot, Moxibustion and other therapies. These remedies can be combined to repair the cells and tissues of the kidney and to drive out the unnecessary things. It is a better choice for FSGS patients as it has less adverse reactions.

At the last, for the FSGS patients who return to the health, please take a check cyclically and keep the good life style.

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