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Will Egg Whites Aggravate FSGS

2017-04-27 16:03

Will Egg Whites Aggravate FSGSHi, doctor. I have FSGS for three years. Also, my creatinine is 5.3. I am not start dialysis. Will egg whites aggravate my FSGS?

For most FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulus Sclerosis) patients, what want to know which food is beneficial and which food is bad for the sake of slowing down the renal damage. Therefore, they wonder whether the egg whites are good for them.

Egg white includes a little phosphorus, poor potassium, low fat and rich high quality protein. Also, it contains some sugar, iron, vitamin and so on.

As all we know, there are eight kinds of amino acids which are needed by the human body and can not be produced by the body. So that, people have to take some proteins to meet the demand. Beside, the metabolites of the protein will be eliminated from body by the kidney. Hence, the protein will make the kidney worse as it increase the burden of the kidney. That is to say, the FSGS will be aggravated with too much protein intakes.

What is more, the patients are not allowed to take plant protein. As a matter of fact, the patients are supposed to take about 20g protein every day to ensure the basic life support if the kidney is injured but the patients have not taken dialysis. Meanwhile, if the patients are on dialysis, they need to have more proteins.

So, the FSGS patients can take some egg whites every day.

By the way, the FSGS patients should find out and adopt an effective treatment to protect the kidney from further damaged and to improve the renal function which is to clean up the unnecessary things from body.

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