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Edema and FSGS How Does Herbal Medicine Relieve This Problem

2018-01-24 17:00

Edema and FSGS How Does Herbal Medicine Relieve This ProblemFSGS, or Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis, is a kidney disorder characterized by the sclerotic nephrons. And later, edema usually occur frequently. So, how does herbal medicine relieve this problem?

Why FSGS patients suffer from edema?

1. Lack of protein in blood. As the kidneys can not filter the blood properly, some protein will be leaked into crude urine and thus excreted from body as urine. As a result, less protein contained in the blood will lead to the depressed plasma osmotic pressure, which can not carry out the water from the tissue fluid as it should do. This is the common cause of edema.

2. Renal damage. With the deposited excessive and poisonous substances, the blood circulation can be block, and thus, the kidney can not get enough nutrients and oxygen for its own activities, hence, its ability of secretion and detoxification can be influenced and the patients will have many sufferings.

How Herbal Medicine treats Edema?

1. Alleviating the edema. The patients will receive Chinese herbs to achieve the subsidence of a swelling and diuresis. Later, the edema will be controlled.

2. Recovering the normal level of the blood-protein. Through dissolving the heat toxins, wind toxins and damp toxins, that is to say driving out of all the unwanted substances including excessive nutrients, aberrant immune products, enthetic antigens, heavy metals and so on, the inflammations in the kidneys can be cured. Consequently, the kidney damage can be stopped and the leakage of protein can be ceased. Also, it is beneficial for the kidney to recover.

3. Improving kidney function. In China, Moxibustion Therapy, Foot Bath, Steaming Therapy and other Herbal medicines will be adopted to resume the Qi and blood circulation, strengthen the kidney self-healing ability, remit all the discomforts and so on with no obvious side effects. Subsequently, the patients can get rid of edema radically and avoid further dialysis effectively.

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