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Treatments to Swelling for FSGS Patients in China

Swelling will lead to hard movement, pain and other issues. In most countries, steroids will be applied to save this problem though it has so much side reactions. Worse still, the swelling will come back over and over again. Thereby, I woul...Read More

Is It Normal That the FSGS Patients Have Swelling in Legs

FSGS patients will have either serious or slight swelling in legs in some cases. As this does not bother the patients daily life a lot and it is hard to be dispelled. This is way some patients may neglect it. But, is it normal that the FSGS...Read More

Edema and FSGS How Does Herbal Medicine Relieve This Problem

FSGS, or Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis, is a kidney disorder characterized by the sclerotic nephrons. And later, edema usually occur frequently. So, how does herbal medicine relieve this problem? Why FSGS patients suffer from edema?...Read More

What Are We Supposed to Do Having A Creatinine Level of 4.6 in FSGS

Having a creatinine level of 4.6 in FSGS means there are more than 70% of the kidney function out of work due to the inactive glomerular. So that the patients will have lots of redundant water, toxins and wastes deposited in the body and va...Read More

Creatinine 3.9 How to Treat Anemia and Itching Skin in FSGS

Creatinine 3.9 usually stands for the patients have some discomforts such as anemia and itching skin, in which case they will also have more troubles in daily life. While, how to treat anemia and itching skin in FSGS if creatinine is 3.9? R...Read More

How Do We Deal With Proteinuria in FSGS Accompanied with GFR 20

Proteinuria means there are extra proteins appearing in the urine, leading to many problems. Besides, with proteinuria, the kidney function will be effected bit by bit. And thus, how do we deal with proteinuria in FSGS accompanied with GFR...Read More

Is FSGS with Proteinuria 1500 Per 24h and Creatinine 3 Curable

Is FSGS with proteinuria 1500 per 24h and creatinine 3 curable? I do believe so many patients who have trouble with FSGS, proteinuria or high creatinine level want to gain the positive feedback. However, there is no method to cure the FSGS...Read More

Creatinine 7.4 and Urea 141, How to Treat Proteinuria in FSGS

Is creatinine 7.4 and urea 141 dangerous? Proteinuria is 3+. how to treat it ? I am a FSGS patient, is dialysis or kidney transplant is needed now? What does proteinuria mean for FSGS patients with creatinine 7.4 and urea 141? Proteinuria i...Read More

Creatinine 390 and FSGS, How to Deal with Protein Spot Urine 40

Protein spot in urine reached 40mg/dl means there are a large of protein in urine, which will make the patients go through hypoadluminmia, anemia, hypophysiology and other sicknesses. While, how to deal with protein spot urine 40mg/dl for t...Read More

How to Deal With Hematuria and Creatinine 2.6 in Situation of FSGS

FSGS standing for Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis is a glomerular disease in which the kidney can not work well to filter the blood in the glomerulus. And then, how to deal with hematuria and creatinine 2.6 in situation of FSGS? While,...Read More