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Is There Any Solution to Alleviate the Hematuria for FSGS Patients

Why FSGS patients have trouble with hematuria? Need the patients to get rid of hematuria? Is there any solution to alleviate the hematuria for FSGS? If you are interested in these, please contact the Online Doctor . FSGS stands for focal se...Read More

How to Treat Gout Caused by FSGS

Gout is a common symptoms for FSGS patients, and it can cause horrible pain in joints, which will make patients weaker and weaker...Read More

Creatinine is 5.7 in FSGS Which Treatment should Be Taken

My husband’s creatinine is 5.7 in FSGS, which treatment should be taken? Need your kind advise. Please reply soon....Read More

Are There Any Chance to Decrease Creatinine 5.4 in FSGS by Dialysis

Are the any chance to decrease creatinine 5.4 in FSGS by dialysis? The answer is “YES”. But the curative effect is always not satisfying....Read More

Why People Feel Fatigue with FSGS

FSGS is a kind of kidney disease with the scar tissue developed in glomeruli, and people with FSGS will suffer from some serious symptoms such as fatigue, blood urine, protein urine and so on. Then why does FSGS people feel fatigue? And how...Read More

Can FSGS Cause the Symptom of Gout

Can FSGS cause the symptom of gout? This is a common question for FSGS patients, which may cause many bad experiences for them. In this article, we will introduce the reason why FSGS can cause gout and the treatment of gout for FSGS patient...Read More

What can Cause High Blood Pressure for FSGS

What causes high blood pressure for FSGS? FSGS, which is shorted for focal segmental glomerulous sclerosis, is a common kidney disease among children, and FSGS is also the main cause of nephrotic syndrome. FSGS patients often have the sympt...Read More

How Does FSGS Affect Bones

Though bone problems are not so common in FSGS, some patients with FSGS do experience bone diseases such as bone pain and bone weakness. Most of them cant understand why bone health is associated with FSGS, one kidney disease. Thereby, how...Read More

How to Stop Releasing Protein in Urine with FSGS

How to stop releasing protein in urine with FSGS? FSGS is an illness that can cause severe protein leakage. Protein is an important nutrition for our body, so when large amounts of protein are lost from urine, our life will be affected. The...Read More

5 Telling Symptoms of FSGS

If you are a patient of FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis), do you know what symptoms you may experience? Here we give mainly introduce the 5 telling symptoms of FSGS and hope it is helpful for you to understand this illness. Swellin...Read More