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FSGS Relapse after Transplant: Is Hot Compress Therapy A Good Choice

2016-04-20 14:02

FSGS Relapse after Transplant: Is Hot Compress Therapy A Good ChoiceIf the FSGS relapse after kidney transplant what should the patient do? It is said that Hot Compress Therapy has good effective in treating all kinds of kidney disease, then is it a good choice for the patient with relapse FSGS?

What should patient do if FSGS relapse?

As we all know Kidney Transplant is an effective treatment for Kidney Failure caused by FSGS. After the operation, the patient can have a chance to live a quality life. However, for patient who has took this operation, they still have deficient immune system with harmful immune complexes. So this disease will relapse easily.

So as a patient you should not worry too much, the key point for you is to find an alternative treatment to control your disease timely.

Is Hot Compress Therapy a good choice for patient with relapse FSGS?

In western medicine, no specific therapy is available to deal with recurrence of kidney disease in transplanted kidney. Fortunately, we have developed effective treatment for such cases in Chinese medicine, which is known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Under this treatment, a second transplantation or Dialysis can be avoided.

As an external application, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is safe for all patients. It can function to protect the new kidney from further damage, degrade and discharge the immune complexes out of the body, promote the kidney function, and regulate the whole immune system. An accurate diagnosis is the premise of making a most suitable treatment plan.

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