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What Treatment Can Help FSGS Patient Avoid Kidney Transplant

2016-04-20 18:04

What Treatment Can Help FSGS Patient Avoid Kidney TransplantWhen FSGS progressed into End Stage Renal Failure, kidney transplant is regarded as the last choice by patients. However, for most of the patient kidney transplant is not the only option. Then what treatment can help FSGS patient avoid kidney transplant?

Speaking of kidney transplant, not all the FSGS patients have to do Kidney Transplant. Kidney transplant is needed when nearly all the kidney function lost. If we can help FSGS patients save the current kidney function and enhance it, then kidney transplant is likely to be avoided. In China, kidney transplant is not the last choice for any kinds of kidney diseases unless all the kidney function has been lost.

What treatment can help FSGS patient avoid kidney transplant?

Here we will Help You Know about The New Treatment for FSGS. In China, Immunotherapy is used to help FSGS patients repair the kidney damage and enhance kidney function to avoid kidney transplant. This treatment combines western medicines, Chinese herbal medicines and advanced blood purification techniques together. Different kinds of Chinese herbal medicines have different functions and they can repair the kidney damage through expanding blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, eliminating immune complexes and providing nutrition for damaged kidneys.

From the above we can know that Immunotherapy can help FSGS patient avoid kidney transplant. If you want to save your kidney and avoid kidney transplant, i think this treatment is a good choice for you. Even, for patient who have taken kidney transplant, they also can get some help from this therapy.

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