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The Principle of Treating Kidney Disease with TCM

2014-11-13 15:50

1. Pathogenesis of TCM


2. Nosogenesis of CKD

Years of researches showed that Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a result that is mainly caused by the toxin in body. This toxin is mainly manifested in 3 aspects:

Firstly, Turbidity Toxin, blocking in renal collaterals. That is, the impaired renal inherent cells cause the hyperplasia and necrocytosis.

Secondly, Stasis Toxin, stagnating in renal venation. That is, glomerular capillary sclerosis and the contaminated blood lead to he hypoxia-ischemia.

Thirdly, Stagnant Toxin, retarding in myocutaneous junction. That is, the abnormal immunologic function causes the ultra immune inflammatory response in kidneys.

3. Three processes of traditional Chinese treatment

First, eliminate Turbidity Toxin, eliminating the Turbidity Toxin blocking in renal collaterals. Namely, repair the damage of renal inherent cells and remove the proliferating and dead cells.

Second, remove Stasis Toxin, removing the Stasis Toxin retarding in myocutaneous junction. Namely, clear away the various toxin that adhering in the vessel wall or intruding into the vessel wall, refresh the vascular elasticity and improve the glomerular hypoxia-ischemia.

Third, dislodge Stagnant Toxin. Reinstate the inherent immune function and interdict the ultra immune inflammatory response.

4. “Four one” traditional Chinese treatment

“Four one” means, a pair of Oral Chinese Medicine, a bottle of Maikang mixture, a dose of external application with Chinese Medicine and a basin of Foot Bath Medicine.

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