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How Can Top Seven Treatments of TCM Treat Kidney Disease

2015-05-09 16:09

How Can Top Seven Treatments of TCM Treat Kidney DiseaseHow can Top Seven Treatments of TCM treat kidney disease ? You know the Top Seven Treatments are the most well-known ways in treating kidney disease, those therapies cooperated with each other can prevent the disease goes worse.

How can Top Seven Treatments treat kidney disease ?

Cycle Therapy

During this therapy, we make the circle shape around your main acupoints according to the theory of the traditional Yin and Yang. Then we can draw the toxin out of the body through the center of the circles.

Hot Compress Therapy

During this therapy we mainly take the Traditional Chinese medicine osmotherapy. We choose the herbs according to your detailed body condition, and blend them together sufficiently. Then we compress the powder of the herbs on your kidney area, transmitting the element to your kidney by the electromagnetic wave.

Feet Bath Therapy

There are lots of main acupoints on our feet, including the Yongquan acupoint, which is mainly relative to the kidney function. We can supply the element insufficient in your body and draw the toxins out through this acupoint.

Moxa-moxibustion Therapy

This therapy can help to regulate the disorder lying in your immune system, you know the nephropathy is a kind of autoimmune disease. To treat the disease well, we must first regulate your immune system to its best condition.

Herbal Bath

During this therapy, we will choose the herbs which can help to improve your blood circulation and remove the toxins. Your symptoms like high blood pressure, or weakness, or pain on the body will be well relieved after the therapy.

Oral-taken Therapy

It can help to protect your kidney function, and supply the energy to improve your kidney function. Meanwhile, it will help your blood pressure and control the infections.

Enema Therapy

This therapy is mainly aimed at dispelling the toxin accumulating in your intestinal track, with the help of this therapy your appetite problem or the constipation problem will be relieved greatly.

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