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Tripterygium Wilfordii for Kidney Proteinuria

2013-10-28 11:48

Tripterygium Wilfordii for Kidney ProteinuriaProteinuria refers to the presence of excess protein in urine. It is the typical symptom of kidney disease and a tight control of it shows great effects in slowing down illness progression. Therefore, knowing how to reduce protein in urine effectively is very beneficial for kidney disease patients. Tripterygium wilfordii is herb which can be used to treat lots of refractory illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis. Besides, owing to its pharmacological action, it is also used to treat kidney proteinuria in some areas and it works through the following several functions:

1. Anti-inflammation function

In many cases of kidney disease, kidney tissues are injured due to severe inflammation which helps to remove harmful substances in our body, but if left alone, it will cause damages on our own body. Tripterygium wilfordii is effective in blocking inflammation, so with this herb, inflammation in kidney can be stopped effectively and further kidney damages can be avoided. Consequently, proteinuria is alleviated.

2. Function of regulating immune system

Tripterygium wilfordii is especially helpful for people with proteinuria caused by immune kidney disease like Lupus Nephritis and Purpura Nephritis as it can help to regulate and normalize immune system. For these kidney problems caused by immune problem, only when immune system is normalized and immunity is improved greatly, can problem be solved radically. And also can proteinuria be treated effectively. This is the reason why tripterygium wilfordii is helpful for kidney proteinuria.

3. Tripterygium wilfordii has function of improving blood circulation

Kidney is responsible for filtering blood. For people who are living with kidney disease, their blood circulation is usually affected severely due to decreased kidney function. Tripterygium wilfordii has function of expanding blood vessels and in this way, bloodstream in kidney can be increased. Also, by promoting blood circulation, blood pressure can be lowered effectively and this is very helpful for treating kidney proteinuria.

Tripterygium wilfordii is helpful for kidney proteinuria, but if not used properly, a series of side effects like nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, diarrhea and even live damages will be caused. Therefore, before taking this herb, consulting doctors for the proper dose and usage is very important.

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