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Creatinine 3.28 bp 140/80 Hematuria Is Chinese Medicine Helpful

2017-12-13 10:48

Creatinine 3.28 bp 140/80 Hematuria Is Chinese Medicine HelpfulChinese medicine which has been developed and put into use for treating illnesses from root causes will be applied on the basis of the patients’ correct illness conditions for the sake of better clinical effects and less adverse reactions. However, is Chinese medicine helpful for the patents with creatinine 3.28, bp 140/80 and hematuria?

What is the pathogeny of creatinine 3.28, bp 140/80 and hematuria?

Creatinine 3.28 usually indicates the patients are in the stage 3 kidney disease in which various toxins are retained in the body as well as some symptoms are bothering the patients’ daily life owing to the serious damaged kidneys. In the meanwhile, the gathered toxins and excess water will increase the blood pressure and make it uncontrolled. Besides, high blood pressure can be caused by many other conditions, such as a blood vessel problem. With respect to hematuria, the bleeding in urethra, kidney problem and others will both be a origin.

Which functions can Chinese medicine take?

1. Make the blood pressure under control.

To be honest, many Chinese herbs can play a good role in lowering the blood pressure, for an example, scutellaria, huanglian, cinnamon and so on. But please note: taking the medicines under the guidance of a doctor as the different conditions must take the disparate herbs to get well.

2. Dispel the hematuria and lower the creatinine 3.28.

In China, Toxin-Removing Therapy, a new natural treatments produced for removing all the unwanted things from body and manage the complications drastically. As the extra creatinine is cleaned up from blood, the serum creatinine level will be lessened, and the kidney damage will stopped.

3. Recover kidney function.

According to the clinical records, each of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Immunotherapy and other Chinese medicines can help the patients repair kidney damage through offering a beneficial surrounding and enhancing kidney self-healing ability spontaneously.

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