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Is There Any Herbal Treatment Instead of Steroids to Severe Edema

2018-01-22 15:57

Is There Any Herbal Treatment Instead of Steroids to Severe EdemaSteroids is the first option in clinic for dissolving severe edema through inhibiting the inflammation in the kidneys. In the meanwhile, some side effects come out and it can not prevent the recrudescence of edema. Thereby, is there any herbal treatment instead of steroids to severe edema?

What is herbal treatment?

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Immunotherapy, Moxibustion, Cycle Therapy, Foot Bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other treatments make use of special Chinese herbs selected up from nature to realize the purpose of dissolving the edema and recovering the detoxification ability naturally and effectively.

How does herbal treatment work to disappear edema?

Generally speaking, herbal treatment is not focusing on controlling edema, but aimed at bringing away the excess substances and resuming body self-detoxification ability by improving Qi and blood circulation, removing stasis from the collateral, opening the channel of detoxification, offer enough blood and oxygen to kidneys, etc. By this way, the kidney function is resumed, the edema is faded away, and the patients can live a fairly normal life.

Has the function of herbal treatment be proven?

Of course, up to now many kidney disease patients have been treated there and now return to the normal life. For an instance: the uncle from US had suffered from edema in both two legs for 3 years, when he arrived at the hospital, he was on wheelchair due to the serious edema, and the test result shows creatinine is 219mmol/L. With two months' treatment, his creatinine was about 90mmol/L, and the edema was disappeared. This year, he came to China for the fifth check there, his edema do not occur in these years, and his creatinine level is still normal.

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