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Haemoglobin Level 5 and Creatinine Level 220 What is Countermeasure

2018-02-04 15:58

Haemoglobin Level 5 and Creatinine Level 220 What is CountermeasureHaemoglobin level 5 stands for a serious anemia in which case the patients will have dizziness, fatigue, weakness, poor appetite and other conundrums. If the creatinine level is high to 220 as well, what is countermeasure?

Generally speaking, Blood Transfusion can improve the haemoglobin level quickly. You know, there are also many side effects of Blood Transfusion, and as long as you have not interdict the cause of low haemoglobin, the issue will come out over and over again.

While, what is the cause of low haemoglobin for the patients with creatinine 220umol/L?

Creatinine 220umol/L indicates the patients are in the metaphase of kidney disease, in which situation, some extra substances, toxins and wastes are accumulated in the body as well as some discomforts appears. In the terrible internal environment, some red cells will be injured and lost, resulting in low haemoglobin. That is to say, in the whole treatment to cure the low haemoglobin level, the kidney problem must be taken into account.

And thus, how to treat the low haemoglobin and kidney disease?

Different Chinese herbs can be mixed on the basis of the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as well as the patients’ individual illness in order to solve this matter. In a general way, these Chinese medicines will be put into use as Medicated Bath, Steaming Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other external or oral remedies for realizing the purpose of eliminating poisonous depositions thoroughly, increasing the kidney self-healing ability powerfully and vanishing symptoms covering low haemoglobin naturally.

Once the kidney is rebuilt, the creatinine 220 will be diminished, the haemoglobin level 5 will be added, and the patients can carry on with a relatively normal life.

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