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Chinese Herb Medicine for BUN 100 and Creatinine 4

2014-05-11 08:00

Chinese Herb Medicine for BUN 100 and Creatinine 4Treating BUN 100 and creatinine 4 naturally with Chinese herb medicine, means including herbs and herbal remedy that help to normalized the high levels and restore the overall renal function. Read the following text to learn more. Or, chat with our online doctor for free advice.

Diagnosis of BUN 100 and creatinine 4 means that the patient has progressed to stage 3 kidney disease with moderate decrease of renal function. It is a critical stage to get prompt treatment in order to stop the disease’s continual aggravation or even reverse the kidney damage.

Chinese herb medicine for BUN 100 and creatinine 4

a. Herbs

- Rhubarb. It is a commonly used herb with functions to remove blood stasis, eliminate toxins, promote the blood circulation and improve the kidney health.

- Cinnamon. This is a good choice for kidney disease caused by high blood sugar levels, as it can not only help repair the damaged kidneys, but also regulate the blood sugar level.

To know the detailed herbs list, you can Email us at kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. Glad to share more information.

b. Chinese herbal medicine remedy

In case of BUN 100 and creatinine 4, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good natural treatment.

External application of herb medicine can help dilate the blood vessels, improve the blood circulation, degrade and remove harmful substances out of the body, increase the blood and oxygen supply to the kidneys, and recover the kidney function over time.

If you are interested to learn more about Osmotherapy, you are invited to check Here to watch the video introduction. Then, you will have a clear understanding about the concrete operation. Anything unclear? Please leave a message in the below. Thanks for your time!

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