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Some Reasons For Hypertensive Nephropaty

2018-09-01 10:20

When you have hypertension,you must pay more attention to your daily life ,especially your diet and physical movement,only taking medicines can help you stabilize your blood pressure,but it has also some side effect to your health.And with the time goes by the high blood pressure will affect the kidney blood circulation,the oxygen and nutrition supplement will be reduced to kidney cells ,that can lead to the damage of kidney,that is the reason of kidney disease.

Because renal blood flow accounts for about 1 / 5 to 1 / 4 of cardiac output, and because the kidney is composed of numerous microvessels, hypertension will undoubtedly harm the kidney. Long - term hyperlipidemia leads to atherosclerosis and even obstruction. If the lesion is located in the renal artery, renal infarction will occur. Patients will have proteinuria and their blood pressure will increase even more. Once renal blood vessels are blocked or hardened, renal blood flow hardens, renal blood flow is relatively reduced, and renal function is thus reduced, which is the cause of hypertensive nephropathy.

1. Sex, age and hypertension: Before menopause, the proportion of women suffering from hypertension was slightly lower than that of men, but there was no significant difference between women and men in the probability of suffering from hypertension after menopause, and patients with hypertension were even higher than men.

2. Bad living habits and hypertension: A large number of investigation results show that dietary structure has an important influence on the occurrence and development of hypertension and stroke. Excessive sodium salt, heavy drinking, excessive fat intake in the diet, can cause hypertension. Other studies show that people who are used to staying up late often are prone to high blood pressure and even stroke, while life is orderly and the proportion of people who sleep early and get up early at ordinary times is low.

3. Excessive working pressure and hypertension: With the continuous progress of social civilization, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, the pace of people's life is faster and faster, and the pressure of various aspects is also increasing. With this, the human body will produce a series of changes. Among them, catecholamines in the body increase in secretion, which can lead to contraction of blood vessels, increased cardiac load and high blood pressure.

4. Personality and hypertension: Personality is also closely related to hypertension. Changes in personality and mood will cause many subtle changes in the human body. For example, some hormones that promote vasoconstriction secrete vigorously when angry or irritable.And the contraction of blood vessels will lead to an increase in blood pressure. in the long run, this will lead to high blood pressure.

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