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How Do You Understand the Hypertensive Nephropathy

2018-08-25 09:45

To most hypertension patients they are always suffering from the disease,but they often ignore the treatment of hypertension ,once it develops to hypertensive nephropathy the condition will be serious to their health.Hypertensive nephropathy is a benign arteriorenal sclerosis ( also called hypertensive arteriorenal sclerosis ) and malignant arteriorenal sclerosis caused by essential hypertension. Accompanied by diseases with corresponding clinical manifestations. ..

What is hypertensive nephropathy?

The pathology of hypertensive nephropathy patients has two main aspects, one is that patients have volume-dependent hypertension, and the other is that patients have renin-dependent hypertension.

The cause of volume-dependent hypertension is mainly due to the retention of water and sodium in the patient’s body and the expansion of blood volume in the kidney. When the patient has a substantial renal lesion, water and salt in the patient’s body accumulate in the body, causing water and sodium retention, and then the blood volume in the patient’s blood increases. Causing high blood pressure.

Another kind, when the patient develops renin-dependent hypertension, the kidney appears arteriosclerosis, the renin-angiotensin in the body increases, and the patient uses diuretic and dehydration drugs to cause the blood flow of the kidney to decrease. Renin secretion increases and blood in the kidney gradually increases.

Some data show that after 5 to 10 years of high blood pressure, mild to moderate renal arteriosclerosis may occur, leading to renal ischemia, atrophy and even renal failure. During this period of time, the patient will not have obvious nephrotic symptoms. Only through the detection indicators such as microalbuminuria can the abnormality be seen.

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