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What Is the Diet Recommended for Hypertensive Renal Disease

2013-11-07 10:18

What Is the Diet Recommended for Hypertensive Renal DiseaseWhat is the diet recommended for Hypertensive Renal Disease patients? What food to eat affects our physical condition directly, so it is important for us, especially for patients who are living with Hypertensive Renal Disease, to have a healthy diet. Well, for Hypertensive Renal Disease patients, what is the recommended diet?

Hypertensive Renal Disease is an illness in which kidney function decreases due to years of high blood pressure. With Hypertensive Renal Disease, patients need to avoid or eat less foods that may cause further damages on kidney or aggravate high blood pressure. According to this theory, the followings dietary principles are suggested:

1. low-salt diet

Salt is the most common source of sodium in our daily diet. Sodium is normally discharged through kidney, so when kidney function is affected due to long-term high blood pressure, sodium level in blood increases. High salt diet will cause further increase of sodium level in blood, leading to retention of sodium and water, which will aggravate high blood pressure.

2. Proper protein intake

We generally need to ingest 1 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. However, when kidney function is affected, high protein intake will increase kidney burden. For this reason, Hypertensive Renal Disease patients usually need to limit protein intake. However, if they have started dialysis, they need to ingest much more protein (about 1.2grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day) as they may lose some protein during dialysis. In daily diet, they can ingest some high quality protein like lean meat, egg white, fish and milk to offer our body the necessary nitrogen.

3. Low-potassium diet and low-phosphorus diet are needed if lab tests show high levels of potassium and phosphorus in blood.

Kidney is responsible for maintaining electrolyte balance. Damaged kidney can not function properly, so Hypertensive Renal Disease patients are running high risk for electrolyte disorder like high potassium level and high phosphorus level in blood. This is the reason why Hypertensive Renal Disease patients need to stay far away from high potassium foods and high phosphorus foods if there are excessive potassium and phosphorus in blood.

Diet recommended for Hypertensive Renal Disease patients must be beneficial for their kidney health, and to achieve this goal, diet principles should be made on the basis of their specific illness condition.

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