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Diabetic with Eyelid Swelling is that a Symptom of Kidney Disease

2014-12-29 16:02

Diabetic with Eyelid Swelling is that a Symptom of Kidney DiseaseDiabetic with eyelid swelling is that a symptom of Kidney Disease ? In fact, for people with diabetes and eyslid swelling they may have a risk at getting kidney disease. As a diabetic if you also have other symptoms as following, you should go to see your doctor right now.

There are often no obvious symptoms in the early stage of this disease. As the kidney function decrease, those symptoms like following may occurred:

Swelling in hands, feet, eyelid and face, Have trouble in sleeping or concentrating,Poor appetite, Nausea, Weakness, Itching (end-stage kidney disease) and extremely dry skin, Drowsiness (end-stage kidney disease), Abnormalities in the hearts' regular rhythm, because of increased potassium in the blood, Muscle twitching.

With the kidney damage goes worse, your kidneys cannot remove the waste from your blood. The waste then builds up in your body and can reach poisonous levels, a condition known as uremia, which is a life-threatening disease.

According to the research, almost a third of people with diabetes develop diabetic nephropathy. So if you are a patient with Diabetes, you should control your blood sugar level well and do some other measures to prevent your disease goes to Diabetic Kidney Disease. If you have got this disease, you should take proper treatment immediately, so as to avoid big disease. In addition, lowering blood pressure and maintaining blood sugar control are absolutely necessary to slow the progression of this disease.

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