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Creatinine 7.6 and Hypertension, How Should I Improve Kidney Function 16%

2017-11-29 15:42

Creatinine 7.6 and Hypertension, How Should I Improve Kidney Function 16%Kidney function 16% means the patients are in the stage 4 kidney disease which is near kidney failure, in which case, the patients need to take dialysis or operation as a result of the seriously complications. While, how should I improve kidney function 16% with creatinine 7.6 and hypertension?

What is the kidney function?

1. Excrete metabolic products and toxic things.

2. Keep the water balance through production of urine.

3. Maintain the equilibrium of electrolyte and PH.

4. Adjust the blood pressure.

5. Promote the creation of erythropoiesis and correct renal anemia.

What is the relation among kidney function 16%, creatinine 7.6 and hypertension?

Medically, years of uncontrolled high blood pressure is an important reason of kidney damage. And thus, when the kidney function is lowered more than half, the creatinine level will reached 7.6 day by day. In the meanwhile, various poisons covering extra water and sodium will be assembled in the body, in which case, the blood pressure will be increased. In a word, it is necessary to control the blood pressure well in the whole treatment of resuming kidney function.

Is there any method to increase kidney function?

As a matter of fact, the patients can grasp time to revive kidney function naturally by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Cupping Glass, Foot Bath, Steaming Therapy, Acupuncture and other treatments. Otherwise, kidney transplant will be the only way for the patients to feel better.

Synchronously, if the patients also adopt Toxin-Removing Therapy for lessening creatinine 7.6 directly and enhancing the effects of the above-mentioned therapies, the kidney can be remedied better.

When the kidney is rebuilt, the creatinine 7.6 is reduced, the hypertension can be manged in some case, and the patients can have a high quality life without doing dialysis.

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