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What is the Herbal Medicine to Cure Proteinuria in IgA Nephropathy

2018-01-16 11:40

What is the Herbal Medicine to Cure Proteinuria in IgA NephropathyFor IgA nephropathy patients with proteinuria, some western medicines will adopted to control this predicament. Even though, the proteinuria will reoccur again. And then, what is the herbal medicine to cure proteinuria in IgA nephropathy?

What is proteinuria?

Proteinuria stands for the daily volume of urine protein is more than 150mg. One of the common complication of IgA nephropathy, a primary glomerular disease caused by immune disorder, is longitudinal albuminuria in which urine protein quantitation result is less than 1g/24h, but a few patients may suffering from large proteinuria.

Can herbal medicine cure proteinuria for IgA nephropathy?

As we know, only when IgA nephropathy is cured, can proteinuria will be healed. As a matter of fact, there is no way to completely cure IgA nephropathy in clinic, including dialysis and transplant. However, the patients have the chances to keep the proteinuria negative and improve kidney function with effective treatments. This is also what herbal medicine does for the patients.

Which herbal medicine is best for IgA nephropathy patients who have proteinuria?

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a set of innovative creations of Chinese medicine as well as the good nursing will be received, focusing on treating the patients fundamentally and innocuously.

For an instance, Mai Kang Mixture (2/day) for correcting immunity and removing inflammations, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy (2/day) to relieve the renal anoxia and anemia, Steaming Therapy (1/day) taking function of cleaning away toxins and wastes, etc. And thus, the diseased kidney will be repaired bit by bit.

When the kidney is restored with the help of these treatments, the proteinuria is disappeared, creatinine level will lowered, and the patients can enjoy their life.

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