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The Symptoms And Treatment Of IgA Nephritis

2018-07-23 10:38

Core Tips: IgA Nephritis is an uncommon disease, although this disease is not common, but the impact on the human body is very large, so it is necessary to understand the symptoms of this disease,and we will talk about these symptoms about Iga nephritis and tell you more about that.

1. Paroxysmal hematuria

IgA nephritis is the most common type of nephritis in children. IgA nephritis can be seen most of the hematuria in the upper respiratory tract infection (tonsillitis, etc.), but also some patients in acute gastroenteritis or urinary tract infection after the attack, the interval of time is generally maintained at 24~72 hours. The visible hematuria may last several hours, and may last several days, and then it may last several days, then it can be turned into a continuous microscopic hematuria, and some of the patients' hematuria can disappear spontaneously, but it will often occur. Pain, dysuria, lumbar pain, or transient blood pressure and elevated urea nitrogen.

2. Hematuria and asymptomatic proteinuria

Most of this happens in children and adolescents, usually found in physical examination, usually characterized by simple microscopic hematuria, or microscopic hematuria accompanied by a small amount of proteinuria. Albuminuria: for mild proteinuria, urine protein quantitation is generally <1g/24h, a small number of patients may have massive proteinuria or even nephrotic syndrome.

3. Other symptoms

Some patients with IGA nephropathy may have nephrotic syndrome, even acute glomerulonephritis syndrome, and may also have renal failure, and a few can be accompanied by severe pain in the waist and abdomen and accompanied by hematuria.

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