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Blood Urine Appears After Infection Is It A Sign of IgA Nephropathy

2018-03-03 11:26

Blood Urine Appears After Infection Is It A Sign of IgA NephropathyAs we all know, a distinguishing feature of IgA nephropathy is the blood urine coming out after a cold or infection arisen. While, once blood urine appears after infection, is it a sign of IgA nephropathy?

Of course not. There are may reasons can lead to blood urine while infection happens. So that, the patients must take specific examinations to make sure whether it is caused by kidney problem. Also, they can do renal biopsy to confirm if it is IgA nephropathy.

First, how does IgA nephropathy take place?

Someone do believe it is due to the abnormal immune system, but it is partly true. You know, our immune system will protect us from invading parasites, bacteria and other foreign substances by secreting antibodies to combine these harmful things and disintegrating these complexes. When our body can not eliminate the immune complexes timely, extra complexes will gathered throughout the whole body, which may be reflected by kidneys. It is IgA nephropathy. Owing to the kidney damage, some red cells will be leaked into urine, presented as blood urine.

Second, what should we do to stop the blood urine as well as the deterioration of IgA nephropathy.

1.Eat right, do moderate sports, follow healthy living habits and insist other notices. All these can help guard ourselves from clod and infection. Meanwhile, it is beneficial for reserving kidney function.

2.Do certain remedies. The blood urine can also worsen the kidneys. Hence, steroids are applied in many countries to dispel this symptom fast although the blood urine will reoccur over and over again. In China, Chinese herbal medication will be adopted for not only removing sufferings, but also repair diseased kidneys with less side effects.

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